Audio Visual & Signage Solutions

Audio Visual Technology has evolved dramatically over the past few years and converged with networks. It is changing rapidly from an impressive feature to a strategic business change agent leading to collaborative workspaces, video conferencing, meeting room optimization to high quality 4K AV transmission and digital signage. Infiniti Power has the well-honed skills, in-depth expertise and knowledge to help its strategic customers harness the real benefits of Audio-Visual enhancements for their efficient communication needs, branding and marketing and sustained profits. Infiniti Power AVIXA certified engineers and multiple manufacturer certifications set it apart from the rest. Please talk with Infiniti Power team today to see how one of its solution experts can take your organization to the next level in AV Technologies deployment successfully.

Audio Visual Systems

  • Contemporary Board Rooms & Room Remediation
  • Meeting Room / Huddle Room Management Solutions
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • Video-Walls and High Lumen Projection Systems
  • Video Conferencing/Tele-presence systems
  • Indoor / Outdoor Digital Signage and NOC Walls
  • Video Streaming
  • Lecture Capture & Town Hall Solutions
  • Acoustics Management
  • Occupancy Sensors & Lighting & Control Systems