The wide range of power solutions varies from 600 VA to 1000 KVA UPS system configurations having modular/expandable options for Data Centers, rack or floor mounted options with battery monitoring and space optimization. These solutions are designed to suit corporate/branch offices, data centers or manufacturing environments with high reliability and high availability. Our power engineers are highly skilled at carrying out detailed load and site studies using Fluke Power Analysers before proposing a solution. The detailed requirements study for network monitoring, space planning, cooling, airflow systems, electrical distribution, grounding/bonding and remote alarms are the key elements of our power solution design.

Cooling Solutions

Our teams can help you with Precision Air Conditioning (PAC/CRAC) systems for Computer Rooms, AV Rooms, Labs and DC environments including in-row smart cooling systems. Multiple solutions in redundant configurations ensuring high uptime, high density cooling, Hot and Cold Aisle solutions can be planned for your specific requirements with industry best offerings. Give us a call to discuss your application needs.

Enclosure Solutions

Infiniti Power offers a wide choice of cabinets and enclosures from 2 or 4 post Open Frame Racks, Closed Cabinets, High Density Cabinets and Cool Racks for your specific needs be it Data Centers, Network Rooms or Special Lab requirements. There are additional options available for Seismic Rack Bracing, Telco ladders, Grounding and Bonding accessories, Wire-Mesh & Fiber Runner systems for the specific enclosure systems.


Depending upon the power quality conditions for a specific site or application, our application engineers can conduct site audits and suggest power conditioning and transformer configurations for complete isolation of power distribution and/or automatic voltage correction in single phase or three phase deployment with input and output panel requirements, maintenance by-pass panels and phase sequence correctors.


Infiniti Power engineers can offer a choice of battery configurations using VRLA or Ni-Cd cells depending upon the application needs and the UPS designs. Aggregated battery banks or multiple strings can be installed based on the overall UPS redundancy and fault tolerance requirements. IEEE battery sizing best practices are used to understand the charge/discharge cycles, derating and the distances between UPSs and the Battery Rooms. Our engineers run exhaustive load tests for battery discharge currents and monitor their health during planned preventive maintenance visits. You can reach us for your battery replacement needs and their safe disposals too.

Transfer Switches

In a complex IT environment whether DCs or Network Rooms, multiple devices get deployed in the enclosures having single corded power equipment or the redundant power supply based multi-corded ones. Automatic Transfer Switches help in dual source redundant power provisioning for single corded loads. These can be configured starting from 3 KVA configurations onwards. A host of options are available for zero break transfer switches for high availability applications.

Lightening Protection Systems

Our power engineering teams can help you select the right kind of lightening arresters based on Indian and Global Standards for building infrastructure. These LPS configurations are well conceived based on the building heights, sensitive IT equipment density and need for conventional or auto cloud discharge systems. All lightening protection systems need perfect grounding and bonding solutions to be deployed simultaneously to ensure proper protection. Our designs map back to IEEE Green Book for power stability and reliability.